What We Do


Surtitling is an often underestimated, yet essential task and the success or failure of a production on tour can depend on it. With our feel for language and the theatre, we make sure that the rhythm of your production is maintained in the surtitles and that the right lines and punch lines come at exactly the right moment.


We subtitle DVDs and create the corresponding menus for them. This means that documentation and trailers for plays can be sent to international festivals and be fully understood. We also provide subtitling for films at festivals.


We translate everything into all of the main languages: plays, contracts, websites, theatre programmes and any other texts that may be required…
Should one of us not speak the language that you need, we will take care of finding the right translator for you and prepare the translation according to our quality standards in collaboration with them.


We have lots of experience in looking after foreign ensembles at international festivals. That’s why we are the ideal partner for festivals and conferences, workshops or collaborations with foreign artists. We’ll say what you need to say in the right way and make sure that everyone understands each other.