Who We Are


stands for Kleine Internationale Theater Agentur (Small International Theatre Agency). We can help you with almost any language-related problem that may occur before, during or after a theatre production.

Our main focus is surtitling and the translation of theatre texts. We now offer translation into almost any language and specialise in professional surtitles for foreign-language productions in Berlin, at international festivals, and surtitles specifically for theatre productions, ensembles and artists on tour. Our experience has shown that it makes sense to take your own surtitler with you on tour, one who knows the play very well and can react quickly to the unexpected.

Every project is unique and deserves to be looked after individually. We adapt to each individual situation and decide for each project whether it makes more sense to take on a particular task ourselves or to delegate it to someone else qualified. This means that sometimes we travel with the artistic team and that sometimes we organise someone to take care of the technical aspects on site, in order to make sure that the production gets off to the best possible start.

Over the years, we have established an increasingly tight network, one which continues to grow through our various activities and is becoming more refined thanks to our selection of people with the right skills and experience.